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Bubble Football (half day hire)

Bubble Football is exactly what it says on the cover, playing football in bubbles! The fun twist on the sport results in heaps of laughter and bumping around that will no doubt make you feel like a young kid who is excited to play again.

The laughter can be enjoyed on surfaces like 3G pitches, astro turf and sports halls (depending on your venue preference), that will lead to fantastic jumping, shooting, bouncing and tackling in the giant bubbles.

The game, commonly called Zorball or Zorb Football, is an event where funny stories are created and could stay with you for years to laugh over. It is without doubt a great load of fun and makes for an experience you will never forget. Why not try it today? You can do so for all types of events, whether it's a stag-do, kids party (10 yrs+) or a workplace social event.

If you would like a full day hire for a fantastic price of £500

Please call us to book this in

Price: £250
Suitable for: Adults & Children