Venues In Fairmilehead:

Fairmilehead Parish Church
1A Frogston Road West
EH10 7AA
Tel 0131 445 2374

Fairmilehead Parish Church has a huge range of halls from small to very large and also has a fully enclosed garden to the rear which is great in the summer for outdoor bouncy castles.
The venue is very well run and has a full time hallkeeper who is very friendly and helpful.
This is an excellent venue for a children's party and has reasonably high ceilings in most of the halls and can accomodate most of our bouncy castles and a disco with ease. Highly Recommended!
The Buckstone Hall is the biggest hall and has a high roof so can take any castle.The Frogston Hall can also take a 12x12 castle and is right at the front of the building.

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