Venues In Sighthill:


St Nicholas Church Hall
124 Sighthill Loan
Tel Muriel Milligan for hall lets on 07519 725 240
This hall can take any bouncy castle and has car park and kitchen facilities and a stage in the main hall.


66 Bankhead Drive
EH11 4EQ
Tel 0131 442 2000

This venue has a large modern function room with a low ceiling so can only take one of our 12x12 ft castles. It is on the ground floor with ramped access and they supply catering etc.
Friendly helpful staff and nice and clean and tidy.Capacity 124.Licenced bar.18th birthdays accepted.


Gate 55
55 Sighthill Road
EH11 4PB
Tel 0131 458 5095

This venue does children's parties with bouncy castles.
Please remember to book at least 30 mins either side of your party for setting up and taking down at the end of your party as its a very busy hall.


Sighthill Bowling Club
120 Sighthill Loan
EH12 5EY
TEL 0131 442 2414

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