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Pillow Bash

Climb on the pole and attempt to knock your opponent off using the pillow, Grip and balance as you try stay on the pole without falling off!

The Pole Joust / Pillow Bash is great for all the family, suitable for any occasion, from garden parties, to corporate events, wedding, fun days & more!

Hire the pole joust and prepare for battle as you take your place up high on the pole. With your pillow in hand let the battle commence as you go head to heaagainst your opponent.Only one will remain high above on the pole as the other is eventually beaten and knocked down to the inflatable bed below.

Yes, this is as much fun as it sounds!

The Pole Joust/Pillow Bash Inflatable is a hugely enjoyable piece of equipment that is sure to have people queuing up, waiting to bop and bash their friends and family. And as they wait, you'll hear screams of laughter as they watch on in delight at the mayhem taking place before them.

A very popular inflatable, the Pole Joust Inflatable is a brilliant choice for small family celebrations in your back garden, corporate team building events, family fun days and so much more.

Price: £100