Edinburgh-Gorgie,Dalry and Slateford:

Slateford Green Community Centre
2 Slateford Green
EH14 1NF
Tel 0131 624 5793

This community centre has a low roof and  can take one of our box castles.Good venue for children's parties,clean,tidy and friendly staff and on ground floor with car park.


Gorgie War Memorial Hall
338 Gorgie Road
EH11 2QU
Tel 0131 337 3275
This venue has a car park,high ceiling and is ideal for children's parties.
It's on the ground floor and has nice friendly,helpful staff.
Capacity for children's parties is appx 25-30.
Unfortunately there is no blackout on the roof lights which means it's very bright unless your party is at night or in the winter.


Gorgie Dalry Community Association
Mcleod Street Sports Centre
22 Mcleod Street
EH11 2NH
Tel 0131 337 3252


Salvation Army Hall
431 Gorgie Road
EH11 2RT
Tel 0131 346 2875
This hall has a car park,kitchen facilities and does children's parties. 


Bainfield Bowling Club
34 Hutchieson Crossway
EH14 1RU
Tel 0131 453 4911


The BMC Club
Westfield Street
EH11 2RA
Tel 0131 337 6539
This venue has 3 function rooms,one very large,one medium sized and one small one.
The medium sized one is downstairs and the other two are upstairs.


Gorgie Mills Bowling Club
10 Alexander Drive
EH11 2RH
Tel 0131 337 7079


Destiny Church 
52 Gorgie Road
EH11 2NB
Tel : 0131 555 2707

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