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Princess Box Bouncy Castle (under 5's only)

  • Width: 11 ft
  • Depth: 14 ft
  • Height: 7.5 ft

Only suitable for children under 5 years old.

Includes sewn in Rain Cover for safety and weatherproofing!

This castle is very rain proof.The first time we put it out it was chucking down with rain and the inside of the castle stayed totally dry thanks to its letterbox design.

It's also ideal for indoor venues where low ceiling height is a problem as it's only 7.5ft tall so fits in almost any hall.

Capacity 6 children at a time on the castle with an overall capacity of 20-25 children taking it in turns.

This castle is only suitable for children 5 and under and features a flat bed design to reduce the risk of neck injuries and is particulaly good for younger children and toddlers who find it easier to stand up on as it doesn't have ridges in the bed!

The graphics on this castle are superb with it's princesses and castle in the background,your children will love it!

The safety features on this castle are also superb,with no windows or access to the roof from inside so there's only one way in and out and thats surrounded by 2 inch thick 10ft by 5ft saftey mats!

We worry about your children's safety as much or even more than you do!

Price: £70
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30