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12ft x 12ft Princess Bouncy Castle

  • Width: 12 ft
  • Depth: 12 ft
  • Height: 9.5 ft

Only suitable for children

Includes: Rain Cover

12ft x 12ft bouncy castle for children up to 13 years old.

Comes complete with sewn in rain cover.

Fully netted windows for safety.

Capacity 6 children at a time.

Our Princess themed castle is without doubt our most popular castle and so much so we now have 4 of them and plans for more! With it's superb graphics and colours it's every little girls dream castle!

With a superb design and lots of safety features like a fully sewn in rain cover and nettted windows and huge anchorage points (not the normal 6 but 10 of them) this castle not only looks good but is the safest for your children!

We also supply all the safety mats and we don't scrimp on them either,we use the biggest safety mats you will ever see,a whopping 10ft by 5ft which is far bigger and safer than the standard 6ft by 4 ft mat! We also always carry spare mats to cover any hazards that we deem to be too close to the castle. The fans we use are the best in the industry and are renowned for their relibaility and durability!

Price: £70
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30