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12ft x 12ft Party Theme Bouncy Castle

  • Width: 12 ft
  • Depth: 12 ft
  • Height: 9.5 ft

Our 12ft by 12 ft party themed castle is a great choice with its vibrant colours and amazing graphics. Its suitable for a boy or girls party and is very popular.

The saftey features on this castle are superb with fully netted windows and a completely sewn in rain cover that not only stops the rain and wind getting in but stops your children from falling out if they had climbed on top of th walls (which they're not supposed to do) This castle also has 10 anchorage points instead of the usual 6 that most suppliers put on their castles and they are bigger and stronger than any I have ever seen on any other castle! They are terminated in a steel D ring which you put a foot long steel stake through. This is a huge benefit as normal webbed anchorage points get easily damaged and frayed when you put the serated pin through them!

We also supply huge saftey mats that go along the full length of the front step and also down the sides too! Never let your children play on a castle that doesn't have mats or only has them at the front as it's an accident waiting to happen! Our mats are a huge 10ft by 5ft which is considerably bigger than the 6ft by 4 ft industry standard mats and much better than some of the paper thin mats I've seen some of my competitiors use.Ours are 2 inches thick which is the legal requirement,anything less should not be used!

Capacity 6 at a time.

Price: £70
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30