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18ft x 15ft Adult Castle Party Theme

  • Width: 15 ft
  • Depth: 18 ft
  • Height: 12.5 ft

Suitable for children and adults

Includes: Sewn in Rain Cover for maximum safety!

The ultimate adult castle:

Superb graphics.

Safe design with netted windows and reinforced bed to take adult weight.

Proper sewn in rain cover makes it much more rain proof than a castle with non sewn in rain cover.

Capacity 8-10 children or 4 adults at a time.

Our adult party themed castle is a bigger version of our 12ft x 12 ft castle but with higher walls and a thicker reinforced bed so it can take adult weight and be very bouncy too! How many times have you heard of someone who has hired a castle and found it's not very bouncy? Well the designs of our castles keep a higher pressure in the bed to make it more bouncy by some very clever internal webbed panels and ducting.The design of these castles is geared for safety with netted windows,huge anchor points and a fully sewn in rain cover that stops anyone from falling out while keeping the rain and wind out too!

All our castles come with huge 10ft by 5ft mats for safety and we give you 4 mats with this castle to make sure there are tow at the front and one down each side of the safety step.All our castles are anchored to the ground with a minimum of 6 foot long stakes and on a windy day that can be increased to 10!

Price: £100
Suitable for: Adults & ChildrenAvailable Overnight for an extra £30