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18ft x 15ft Superheroes Adult Castle

  • Width: 15 ft
  • Depth: 18 ft
  • Height: 12 ft

Suitable for children and adults

Includes: Sewn in Rain Cover

The ultimate adult castle:

Superb graphics.

Safe design with netted windows and reinforced bed to take adult weight.

Proper sewn in rain cover makes it much more rain proof than a castle with non sewn in rain cover.

Capacity 8-10 children or 4 adults at a time.

Our adult superheroes castle has all the superheroes you would expect,superman spiderman and quite a few i don't know the names of! This castle is very very big with lots of floor space to bounce on and very high walls and the bed is very deep and bouncy and reinforced for adult use. Children can of course use this castle too and because its bigger more chidren can use it at a time.This castle comes with 4 safety mats and is always pinned down wih a minimum of 6 pins and can be increased to 10 if neccessary.

Price: £100
Suitable for: Adults & ChildrenAvailable Overnight for an extra £30