Here are all our assault courses which are great fun for children and adults alike.

With slides and obstacles like biff n bash poles and climbing walls to negotiate and a slide to finish they really are amazing fun and your kids will love playing on them.

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2 Part Unicorn

Assault Course

From £200.00


Disco Themed Fun Run


From £195.00


Battlezone W/Ball

18x18ft Wrecking Ball

From £200.00


Big Ball Challenge

33ft x 18ft

From £400.00


Big Rig A/ Course

49ft X 16ft

From £375.00


Bouncy Boxing

12ft x 12ft

From £105.00


Bulldozer Fun Run

27ft x 8ft

From £250.00


Bungee Run

11ft x 35ft

From £195.00


Giant Whale Fun


From £160.00


Gladiator Joust


From £195.00


Kids Bungee Run

10ft x 20ft x 7ft

From £165.00


Mega Tractor Trailer

131.2ft x 10.8ft

From £450.00


Mega Tractor

29ft X 15ft

From £300.00


Mega Tractor/Trailer

Package - 4 Parts

From £800.00


Pirate Ship Fun Run

30ft Long

From £200.00


Pirate Themed Fun Run

28ft Long

From £195.00


Twin Pirate Slide

10ft Platform

From £350.00


Undersea A/Course


From £200.00


Unicorn Fun Run


From £195.00


Mega Tractor/Trailer

Package - 2 Parts

From £475.00


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