Question: What are your payment terms?

Answer: Our terms are cash on delivery or cheque by arrangement for companies/charities etc.

Question: Can we hire a castle if our venue has no mains electricity?

Answer: Yes, if no mains electricity is available where your venue is we can supply a generator at additional cost.

Question: Can the bouncy castle be put on chips or mono blocks?

Answer: Yes it can. On chips we can still put the pins into the ground and use a groundsheet to protect the castle and on blocks where pins can't be used we attach weights to the anchorage points.(not suitable in high winds)

Question: Can we hire a castle if our garden is on a slope?

Answer: Yes you can, a reasonable slope poses no problems for us to install your castle and for safe use.

Question: How much room do we need around the castle?

Answer: Ideally we say 3ft on every side and 5ft at the front of the castle.

However we can do it with as little as 1 ft on the sides and back as long as at the front there is minimum 3ft for access and egress.

Question: What happens if it rains on the day of our hire?

Answer: We operate a wet weather guarantee and will call you before delivery and give you the option to cancel at no charge or we will ask you if you still want to go ahead and will give you extra days hire at no charge until we believe you have had fair use of the castle.

Question: Do you provide all safety equipment?

Answer: Yes we do. We provide lots of safety mats to go along the front of the castle and also down each side of the step at the front so whichever way you fall out of the castle there is a mat to break your fall!

All our castles are securely attached to the ground with foot long pins or weights if on a hard surface.

Question: Do we need to take in the fan at end of the hire?

Answer: It's not necessary from a weather point of view, but if you live in an area where the fan might be at risk of being stolen then we would ask you to.

Question: Do you need a special power supply?

Answer: No, we only require a normal 13 amp socket from which we will run an extension reel. The castle requires that the inflation fan stays on continuously while it's being used.The reason for this is that bouncy castles are stitched together and consequently have lots of small holes in them and the theory is that you blow in more air than is lost and that keeps the castle inflated.

Question: Are you insured?

Answer: Yes we are fully insured for any mistakes we make or faults with our equipment but will ask you to sign a disclaimer after being read the safety rules of bouncy castle hire.

Question: Are your castles in good condition?

Answer: Yes, all our castles are brand new this year and are in perfect condition. We believe you won't see a better looking, safer or better made castle anywhere!

Question: Are your castles suitable for adults and do you hire overnight?

Answer: Yes some of our castles are suitable for adults, they are especially designed for adults and are reinforced. We do also hire out our castles Friday to Monday or Monday to Thursday Deals (were possible).Overnight bookings are available of selected items, and would be collected after 6pm the next day.

Question: Are you reliable?

Answer: Yes, Extremely reliable. We usually arrive very early but on very rare occasions traffic/accidents can delay us. In this event we will call you to let you know our eta and will give you additional time to make up for it!

We are so confident that we'll be on time that if we're late your castle is free!

Question: Can your bouncy castles be used indoors?

Answer: Yes, all our castles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some of our castles have extra low roofs son they fit in halls with very low ceiling heights. See pricing and photos page for dimensions.

If you have a question that I haven't answered please either call me on my mobile 07513 593 073 or by email and we add it to this page.

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