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Giant Buzzer / Beat the Buzzer for Fetes

Giant Buzzer / Beat the Buzzer

Beat The Buzzer

Try to keep a steady hand as you relive all the tension and excitement of this tabletop classic.

The aim is to thread the hoop all the way across the bendy wire without setting off the buzzer or running out of time, all the while trying not to be put off by the constant, steady heartbeat. Think it sounds easy? Think again! This addictive game provides suspense, frustration and elation in equal measure.

Fiendishly addictive, beat the buzzer is a popular choice for children’s parties, such as birthdays and bah mitzvahs, but also for adults too (just try it after a couple of drinks!) Or perhaps you’re hosting a fundraising event, exhibition stand or stall? This familiar classic is guaranteed to provide footfall and bring eager customers your way.

Beat the buzzer is a perfect choice alongside our other traditional indoor games, like ​giant kerpluk or giant connect 4. For larger events, such as school fetes, weddings or shows, why not also check out our giant dart board?

Please note this is an add on hire and can't be hired on its own

Price: £60