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Bouncy Castle Slide (Undersea Theme)

  • Width: 12 ft
  • Depth: 18 ft
  • Height: 10 ft

Only suitable for children

Includes: Slide, Rain Cover

Capacity 6 children at a time.Our undersea bouncy castle gives the benefit of a bouncy castle with the fun of a slide too!

Extremely popular and great for gardens that are long but narrow due to its slide coming out of the front and not the side.

Front facing slide is much better also from a point of view of supervision.

All windows are netted, making it very safe and comes with 4 massive safety mats!

Capacity 6 children at a time.

Our undersea themed castle is extremely popular as its unisex design appeals to both boys and girls. The graphics are stunning and the colours are vibrant and don't fade in time like painted graphics do as they are screen printed onto the fabric and then covered with a special UV resistant layer! The designer of this castle has quite obviously made safety a priority as it has so many built in saftey features like a sewn in rain cover and netted windows and a sheet above the slide to make it very hard to climb onto the roof.

We supply 4 safety mats with this castle and our mats are huge, 10ft by 5 ft rather than a standard 6ft by 4ft and ours are 2 inches thick which is the current safety law standard.

All or castles come with a gibbons fan which is the best fan you can buy,it's the Rolls Royce of fans and is reliable and durable and has never let us down!

Price: £100
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30