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Bouncy Castle Slide (Party Theme)

  • Width: 12 ft
  • Depth: 18 ft
  • Height: 10 ft

Only suitable for children

Includes: Slide, Rain Cover

Capacity 6 children at a time.Our party bouncy castle gives the benefit of a bouncy castle with the fun of a slide too!

Extremely popular and great for gardens that are long but narrow due to its slide coming out of the front and not the side.

Front facing slide is much better also from a point of view of supervision.

All windows are netted making it very safe and comes with 4 massive safety mats!

Capacity 6 children at a time.

This was the first bouncy castle slide i bought and I've since bought three more of this theme and two undersea ones and a pirate year we will have 3 of all of those themes and I am going to add 3 princess themed ones to our fleet.

The design again is all about safety,things you may have never considered a safety issue are all covered with this castle design. Big anchorage points and 10 of them! Fully netted windows that let you see your children playing but don't allow them to fall out. A fully sewn in roof cover that doesn't let any rain in through the roof. The Slide has a yellow cover above it to make it impossible to climb onto the roof and then maybe fall off!

Every time i put this castle up i think how beautiful it looks. The colours and graphics are stunning and kids just love this castle.Every time I put it up you hear people gasping and saying how beautiful it looks.

Price: £100
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30