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Activity Fun Run Supernatural theme

Our new Activity Fun Run has two round entrances to dive through and then opens up into an area with biff n bash poles before going to a wall with block type foot and hand holds to help you climb up and then a very nice slide!

The Dimensions are 9.5ft wide by 28ft long and 11 ft tall.

We recommend 6 children at a time use this inflatable at any one time.

This fun run has fully netted sides to prevent your children from falling out!

The fun run comes complete with 6 mats and 6 pins to tie it down. It's great fun to use and the kids love it. The supernatural theme is I think one of the best i've ever seen,it looks amazing! The fun run combines a slide with a castle and an assault course and its not so big that it won't fit a reasonable sized garden.The fun run is netted at all the possible exit points except the slide and the entrance so it's very safe for the children who use it.

Price: £150
Suitable for: Children OnlyAvailable Overnight for an extra £30