Our discos for adults are legendary for the quality of our Djs and the quality and quantity of our sound and lighting systems and for the amazing party atmosphere we create!
Since I first started Djing back in 1976 I decided that I wanted to have the best disco in Scotland and offer the best service and have the best looking and sounding disco with the best and most reliable equipment money could buy! In 38 years I have never had a breakdown that has stopped my disco from running!

Recently I have invested in lots of new sound and lighting equipment that has taken my quality even further and makes my discos even more awesome!

I recently decided to offer multiple packages to try and suit more peoples budgets and to give you more choice.Our lowest priced disco comes in at £195 which is what I consider to be the lowest price I can do it for and make money and still maintain my high standards.

I have added a double platinum package for those who really want to impress or are in a very large venue!

Whichever package you choose you will get a very good Dj with a fantastic sound and lighting system and a Dj is fully insured,pat tested and legal!