Our range of adult bouncy castles come in several different themes and different sizes.

These adult bouncy castles for hire are the best you will ever see! With stunning graphics and the best and safest designs I have ever seen. They have huge anchor points and lots of them and the bed of the castles are reinforced to take adult weight! All our adult castles come with 4 massive 10 ft by 5 ft safety mats and a Gibbons fan with waterproof extensions and an R.C.D.

Safety is our number one concern and to that end we used massive 10 ft by 5 ft crash mats that are 2 inches thick and much safer than the standard 6 ft by 3 ft mats that most people use and we line them up along the front step of the castle and down both sides.So whichever way you fall off you will always land on a nice big soft mat!

We also use R.C.D safety circuit breakers to guarantee electrical safety and fully waterproof extension reels!

The castles we bought this year are the best designs I've ever seen,fully netted windows and sewn in rain covers guarantee you can only fall out of the castle at the front onto the mats! They also have the best anchorage points I've ever seen,so your castle won't blow away.They cost more for me to buy,but when it comes to safety it's money well spent!

They are also without doubt the best looking bouncy castles you'll ever see!

If you have any questions contact us or phone

Telephone 07513 593 073

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Peppa Pig Castle

12ft x 15ft

From £80.00


Under the Sea Castle

13ft x 12ft

From £85.00


Wedding Castle

13.5ft x 15ft A-Frame

From £250.00


Adult/Kids Disco Dome

13ft x 15ft

From £195.00


Adult Party Time

15 x 15ft

From £110.00


Multicoloured Castle

15ft x 15ft

From £110.00


Disco Themed Castle

15ft x 18ft

From £110.00


Graffiti Castle

15ft x 18ft

From £110.00


Wedding Castle - Peek

16.5ft x 15ft

From £450.00


2 Part Unicorn

Assault Course

From £200.00


Large Hungry Hippo

28ft x 28ft

From £280.00


Dinosaur Theme Combo

3D Bouncy Castle

From £120.00


3d Digger Combo

15ft x 12ft

From £120.00


3D Pirate Castle

17ft x 12ft

From £110.00


Disco Themed Fun Run


From £195.00


Princess themed Combo

16ft x 13ft

From £110.00


Bulldozer Fun Run

27ft x 8ft

From £250.00


Bungee Run

11ft x 35ft

From £195.00


Football Shoot Out


From £75.00


Giant Dinosaur Slide

20ft x 14ft

From £250.00


Giant Pool Table


From £70.00


Giant Whale Fun


From £160.00


Gladiator Joust


From £195.00


Graffiti Giant Slide


From £230.00


Indoor Blue Party

12ft X 12ft

From £80.00


Party Pink Castle

12ft X 12ft

From £80.00


Kids Bungee Run

10ft x 20ft x 7ft

From £165.00


Mega Tractor/Trailer

Package - 4 Parts

From £800.00


P/Pig Activity Centre

13ft x 10ft

From £85.00


Pirate Ship Fun Run

30ft Long

From £200.00


Rodeo Bull / B-Bronco

(aka Bucking Bronco)

From £350.00


Pirate Themed Fun Run

28ft Long

From £195.00


Round Disco Dome

20ft x 14ft x 17ft

From £240.00


Stall Castle

12ft x 12ft

From £75.00


Super Hero Version 2

12ft x 15ft

From £105.00


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